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It started at our kitchen table. Mommy would cook dinner while Daddy and Daughter played in the background. Spending time together after work was a priority.  Our three-year-old daughter loved stickers, especially a little girl fashion sticker set. Together, sticker after sticker was layered to create brightly dressed little girls, sporting the widest array of fashion accessories.  But there was always one accessory missing.  Hijab.  


“Wouldn’t it be cool if we could make a Muslim version of this?” said Daddy.  “Let’s do it!” replied Mommy.  “InshAllah.”


Four years and many edits later, we were able to sit back down at the kitchen table and replay those magical sticker moments with our daughter.  Only this time not only were we building Muslim sticker girls, we were building our little girl’s self-identity. We were connecting, being present in the moment, and creating an irreplaceable bond.  InshAllah. 


It was the excitement in her eyes that led us to believe there were blessings in this endeavour.  How many other families could benefit from quality one-on-one time interacting with these stickers? What a wonderful way to connect and be present with our children. Not just physically, but rather mentally and emotionally.  


So what did our daughter’s first page of Muslim Fashion Sticker page end up looking like?  A hodgepodge of hijab laden, abaya and karate suit wearing, skateboard riding, cheeseburger eating Muslim girls who stood next to their prayer mats and held hands with each other.  They were Muslim, together. 


Even to this day, as parents we ask ourselves; How long do we have to forge a long lasting connection with our children?  


Because at the end of the day, here at Split Moon Publications, we truly believe there is no replacement for quality time with family.  


We pray that our products will lend to quality “present-in-the-moment” time spent with your loved ones.

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